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Data Hub 4 port

Data Hub 4 Port

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AiM Four-Way Data Hub CAN Connection Multiplier

The AiM four-way Data Hub provides a CAN channel and works as an interface between our AiM loggers and sensors.

Key Features :

Five pins 712 male Binder Four-way hub
CAN connection Build a network

Four-Way Data Hub CAN Connection Multiplier

The compact Data Hub provides four additional CAN channels and works as an interface between the AiM logger and its peripheral devices and accessories. Such as the LCU Lambda Controller, GPS Module, TC Hub (thermocouple multiplier), Memory key and SmartyCams.

Using many devices can result in excessive wiring. Thanks to the data hub, it can eliminate all unnecessary wiring.

The four-way Data Hub takes all the information you need to your logger with only one cable, minimizing wires overall.

You can use the four-way Data Hub with our MX series dashes and loggers powered by the vehicles 12V onboard battery supply.