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Sniper V2 - Wheel Alignment System-Suits all Stubs


The Sniper V2 INOX is the most advanced, accurate, and safest laser alignment system for karting in the world. Sniper invented laser wheel aligning for karting in 2001. Since then Sniper have lead the world in laser design, simplicity, accuracy, functionality & quality. Sniper don't make overcomplicated systems with gimmicks that don't work. Sniper were also the first to design and market - Four Laser Systems, Chain Alignment Systems, King Pin Inclination Systems, Linear Caster Camber Adjusters, Pot Magnet V attachments. Sniper holds design patents for their products. Sniper Laser Diodes are custom made and offer superior performance. Focused precisely for the distance required Sniper lasers offer a small and sharp dot for clear and accurate measurement. Sniper systems are the only karting laser alignment system that comply to US FDA standards. Sniper Lasers are registered and rated at Class 1 by the US FDA. The output of every Sniper system is checked for compliance with US FDA performance standards. You can feel confident that Sniper's lasers are the safest in the world. The Sniper V2 is made from a stainless steel construction. To provide long term reliability and consistent high accuracy the unit is attached through hardened SST (55HRC) contact surfaces combined with pot magnet technology. The face of the unit has been optimized to reduce any glare and offer ultimate clarity. For protection Sniper also come with a purpose made box. Every Sniper system is calibrated to 0.10mm (0.004 inch). The units are calibrated as matched sets. The units are then set in epoxy to ensure accurate measurement for years to come.