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Briggs &Amp; Stratton 206 - Sealed Race Engine

The Briggs &Amp; Stratton 206 Is The Perfect Engine To Start Out In Karting On An Entry Level, Suitable For All Age Groups.
With This Engine You Get Performance And Reliability At Low Cost!

 Briggs &Amp; Stratton 206 - Engine Technical Specs

 Horsepower / Torque: 8.8 Hp / 10 Ft.Lbs.Torque                     
 Displacement: 204Cc
 Bore / Stroke: 2.6875" / 2.6885"
 Compression Ratio: 8.5 To 1
 Rpm - Digitally Limited: 6,100 Rpm
 Factory Timing: 29 Degrees Btdc

≫≫ Pvl Digital Ignition System With Integrated 6,100 Rpm Rev Limiter To
     Eliminate Spring Advantages And Provide Each Racer An Equal Rpm
     Band To Compete With.
≫≫ Slide Restrictor System - 7 Anodized Slides Offers A Complete Ladder
     System With The Change Of The Slide Choice
≫≫ Rewind Start, Electric Start Capable

Race Only Features

  • Reinforced, Cast Iron Sleeved, Dual Ball Bearing Racing Cylinder
  • Single Cast, Custom Aluminum Alloy Cylinder Head With High-Flow Intake Port, Custom Seat/Guide Material
  • Squeeze Cast, T-7 Het Treated Aluminum Rod With Reinforced I-Beam
  • Carbon Steel Crankshaft With Induction Hardened Micro-Polished Crankpin Reinforced Timing Gear
  • Cam Ground, Barrel Faced, Eutectic Alloy Piston With 3 Piece Ring Set With Chrome Faced Top Ring
  • .255 Max. Lift Ground Cam With Nitrited Lobes And Built In Mechanical Compression Release
  • High Grade Stainless Steel, Dished Valves With Nitrited Exhaust
  • 3-Piece Automotive Style Keepers And Reinforced Rocker Arm And Lock Ball
  • Pvl Digital Ignition With Built In 6,100 Rpm Rev Limiter
  • Pvl Steel Hub, Cast Aluminum Flywheel
  • Briggs &Amp; Stratton Tooled 22Mm Round Slide, Fully Adjustable Jet Carburetor