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T11 - VG Flexible - Harvey - 30.7cm

Tillett Kart Seat T11 Vg
Size: Harvey
Width: 30.7 Cm*

Flexible Rigidity

All The Features Of The T11 Seat, But Even Softer Again Than The T11 T.
The T11Vg Is The Most Popular Of All The Seats In The T11 Range And Wins Almost Every Important Rotax And X30 Race. 
Very Popular In Mojo And Mg Red Classes!
You Can Put This Seat In Your Kart And Know That There Is Nothing Better! Beware Of Cheap Imitations!

*A Good Fit Of The Seat Is Essential For The Protection Of
The Driver 
And The Handling Of The Kart! 
=≫ Please See Tillett Seat Dimensions Tillett Seat Dimensions

Tillett Seats &Amp; Accessories Brochure Tillett Seats &Amp; Accessories Brochure

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