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2019 Exprit Thoos Dd2 Chassis - 32 Mm

Now In The New Orange Color - The Ultimate Rotax Chassis!

With The Evolution Of The Thoos Model, Otk Kart Group Is Reaching High Levels, Never Obtained Before, Developing Technical Innovations For The Components:

Technical Features:

 ≫≫ Frame Material:  Molybdenum Chrome Steel
 ≫≫ Tubes Diameter:  32 Mm
 ≫≫ Wheelbase:  1045 Mm
 ≫≫ Axle Diameter:  40 Mm
 ≫≫ Stub Axles:  25 Mm
 ≫≫ Supplied Accessories:

 Magnesium Components,
 Mxj Rims, Front Torsion Bar,
 Standard Aluminium Pedals

≫≫ Hgs - High Grip Steering Wheel
The Steering Wheel Is Provided With A Special High Grip Rubber; Materials And Shapes Are Coupled In Order To Improve The Grip During The Binding Race Stages.

≫≫ Inclined Steering Boss Hub
The Inclined Steering Boss Hub Is Provided Along With The New Steering Wheel, Which Allows Further Adjustment And A Better Driving Position.

≫≫ M7 Nassau Panel
The New M7 Nassau Panel Is Characterized By A Unique Design, Clearly Showing Revolutionary Solutions For Karting And Aerodynamic Development. Supplied As Standard On This Model!

≫≫ Integrated Floor Plate
A Special Type Of Floor Plate Whose Configuration Completely Seals The Frame Frontal Areal, Considerably Improving The Aerodynamic Output, Especially On High Speed Tracks.

≫≫ Bss - Brake System
The Braking System Equipping The Direct-Drive Chassis Shows Excellent Characteristics Thanks To The One-Piece Forged Rear Brake Caliper In Which Two 34.5 Mm Ãñ Pistons Work And One-Piece Front Calipers With 4X 22 Mm Ãñ Pistons, With Stroke Recovery And Brake Pipes Developed For The Use Of Dot 5.1 Oil. The Increased Restistance Of The Material Used Minimizes The Wear And Tear Of Moving Components.


Please Note:
Pictures Are For Illustration Purposes Only - Chassis Does Not Include An Engine Kit Or Tyres!